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The Side Effects Of Antihistamines And Pregnancy

When you are expecting a baby, there are a number of foods and medications that you will be told not to take. Even cold medication can be a big no-no when [...]

The Dangers Of Antihistamine For Children

There has been a lot of controversy over antihistamine for children. Doctors rarely recommend them for children that are under the age of four due to the [...]

Allergic Reaction Facts And How Antihistamines Can Help

Histamine is a natural chemical found in the human body which effectively becomes agitated by certain external conditions caused during an allergic reaction. [...]

Swollen Eye Allergy – Eye Inflammation and Its Remedies

When viruses or bacteria come into contact with the eyes, viral infection or bacterial eye infection may occur, causing inflammation to the eye. Bacteria and [...]

Itchy Eye Allergy – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Allergy Eye Drops – Their Uses and Treatments

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What Kind of Antihistamine Can Be Taken While Pregnant?

Pregnant women who have allergies can stills suffer from the different signs and symptoms of allergies. The problem is pregnant woman preferably should not [...]

Allergies and Frequent Urination

There are many signs and symptoms of allergies. The most common signs and symptoms for all kinds of allergy include the appearance of rashes and hives, [...]

Considering Edema as A Reaction to Food Allergies

Swelling or edema is one of the most common symptoms of allergies. Edema as a reaction to food allergies have been noted in many medical journals. Edema as a [...]

Menus for Children with Food Allergies : Educating Children on What to Eat

Allergies attack anyone regardless of age and gender. There are some people who suffer from food allergies while there are some who suffer from animal or drug [...]