food allergies

Is Loratadine An Antihistamine?

It is not uncommon for anyone to have allergies. Most if not all people have experienced this but with different severity. While others have manageable cases, [...]

What to Eat with a Milk Allergy and Not Worry

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Cherries Allergic Reactions to the Human Body

Cherries are one of the most popular fruits that have a wide variety of culinary uses.  It can be made into pie, jam, preserves, candies, or as relish.  It [...]

The Reactions of OPA (Ortho Phthalaldehyde) Anaphylaxis

Allergies are common results of the immune system’s hypersensitivity.  Among the various allergies that is considered serious and fatal is OPA [...]

Common Food Allergies in Babies

Food allergy is widespread among children and unfortunately, it is also common among babies or infants. Having a food allergy can be very difficult for the [...]

Strawberry and Nut Allergies

Food allergy such as strawberry and nut allergies are some of the common types of allergies. It is sometimes difficult to deal with food allergies because [...]

Allergy Cross-Contamination in the Food Industry

Food allergies are very common among people these days. People can develop hypersensitive reactions to all kinds of food. To prevent allergy from happening, it [...]

Diovan and Sulfa Allergies

People who are prone to allergic reactions such as drug allergies and food allergies should know as much as they can about allergies. Allergic reactions might [...]

Joint Aches and Food allergy

Food allergy signs and symptoms manifest themselves in different systems. For instance, in the respiratory system, allergy sufferers will experience breathing [...]

Can Touching Milk Cause Anaphylaxis?

Food allergy is one the most common allergies and they are also one of the most dangerous because of the possibility of anaphylaxis. The problem with food [...]