Allergy Free Skin Care Products

The effects of skin allergies are not only physical but social and emotional as well. Those who have skin allergies do not just suffer from the physical manifestations of skin allergies such as scaling, swelling and itchiness. They also feel embarrassed to go out whenever their allergies attack because their physical appearance is affected. Some people are ridiculed or embarrassed because of their skin condition because of allergy. This is the reason why many skin care companies came up with allergy free skin care products.

Skin Allergies

There are several kinds of skin allergies. Atopic dermatitis or eczema, hives or urticaria, contact dermatitis and angioedema or swelling are the most common skin allergies. Atopic dermatitis or eczema refers to the appearance of rashes on the skin. This skin condition usually starts in childhood and it can continue until adulthood. The rash usually appears after the skin is scratched. Urticaria or hives on the other hand is an itchy rash which looks like raised red bumps. The hives can appear anytime and they can appear for a few minutes to hours. Urticaria is usually accompanied by swelling or angioedema. The swelling usually occurs on the face, feet, hands, eyes and lips. Swelling on the throat which can block the airways can lead to death. Contact dermatitis is a kind of skin allergy which happens when the skin comes into contact with any substance which triggers an allergic reaction to a person. Examples of allergens which can cause contact dermatitis are metals, dye, topical medications, cosmetics and plants such as poison ivy. The rash will appear on the areas which came into contact with the allergen.


Prevention of skin allergies from happening is much better than treating them because of the unsightly appearance of the rashes. Those who have a family history of skin allergies should undergo allergy tests to determine if they are allergic and to identify allergens which can cause skin allergies. After you identified the allergen, it is very important to avoid coming into contact with them. In the case of skin allergies, it is sometimes difficult especially in the case of women who need a lot of creams and beauty products. Luckily, many manufacturers these days are selling allergy free skin care products. Those who have skin allergies should buy these products. They should also read the ingredients of each product before buying them to ensure that it does not contain any substance which can cause skin allergy.

Hypoallergenic skin care products

The National Allergy website has a list of different allergy free skin care products. In this site people can learn about different products from body care products such as lotions to shampoos which are hypoallergenic. For instance, those who have sensitive skin can use Proteque Skin Protection System. This skin lotion is recommended by most dermatologists and allergists because of its non-steroid formula. It can be used by babies, children, adults and old people. Free & Clear Shampoo & Conditioner is recommended for those who are allergic to chemical ingredients of most shampoos and conditioners.

Those who prefer organic soaps should try the Baby Bird Pure Organic Soap which has coconut, aloe vera, palm and lavender oils. This product can be used for babies with sensitive skin. In the case of lotions, you can try the Intense Relief Moisturizing Oatmeal Cream. This product can heal dry skin and it can also protect the skin from different elements such as the sun. This product does not contain dyes, formaldehydes and other chemicals which often cause skin allergy. Those who want to use only one brand for their skin care should visit The Lavera Company offers a complete line of allergy free skin care products from lotions to facial cleansers. The company also offers free samples for those who will order.

Dermatologists warn those with skin allergies to be careful even if the product has a hypoallergenic tag because there is no standard set by the FDA for hypoallergenic products. Therefore, it is very important to read all the ingredients of every skin care product you are planning to buy.

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  1. Me and my daughter are allergic to wggs and milk not sure what else,but she and I itch all the time to the point where we make sores on our body. Also my face breaks out all the time from bumps that are painfull under the skin but never turn into a pimple or anything but a sore and my chin itches alot and i believe its eczema… What products should we use like makeup,facial cleanser and all.. Tired of my face breakingout and skin itching..

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