What Is The Best Antihistamine For Itchy Skin?

It is not easy to have allergies, they are uncomfortable and downright annoying. It may not be the worst feeling but still, it is pretty much annoying while one is at it. One of the most common signs of skin allergies is itchiness. For a complete relief it is recommended to have the best antihistamine for itchy skin. Itchy skin or pruritus as it [...]

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Antihistamine Breastfeeding And Pregnancy Issues

If you are concerned about antihistamine breastfeeding and pregnancy issues, there is good cause. Women should be very careful what they ingest, while pregnant, and when their [...]

A List Of Sulfa Drugs You Should Know About

Sulfa drugs, also known as antibacterial sulphonamides, are synthetic antimicrobial agents that contain sulphonamide substances. There are many examples of sulfa drugs, and it [...]

A Brief Overview Of First Generation Antihistamines And Following

For millions of sufferers, allergic reactions to such triggers as grass, pollen, insect bites, animal dander and certain types of foods, make certain seasons a time of [...]

Wheat Allergies – Digestive and Respiratory Pains

Allergies can be acquired by some common food served on our tables.  We eat them not knowing that we are sensitive to them.  Wheat is one of the basic food that can cause [...]

Understanding And Living With A Sulfa Drug Allergy

If you have a sulfa drug allergy, you are sensitive to a class of drugs known as sulfonamides. These drugs contain specific compounds that are related to sulfa. It is very [...]

Milk Protein Allergy Breastfeeding – How it Happens

“Breast milk is still best for babies.” This is the common line what people hear from advertisement for babies’ milk. It does protect babies from allergies, since it [...]

Thyroid Meds and Acetaminophen for Thyroid Dysfunction Patients

People suffering from Thyroid ailment have a problem in their body metabolism.  This illness means that the thyroid glands located in the neck, responsible for an [...]

What to Eat with a Milk Allergy and Not Worry

Most of the foods available today contain milk and some traces of it.  This is the reason why people with milk allergies find it difficult to find foods that would not cause [...]

Under Eye Allergy – Causes and Treatments

A lot of people suffer from the occasional or seasonal allergies, but some people also suffer from year long allergies. Eye allergies are one of the most common forms of [...]

Swollen Eye Allergy – Eye Inflammation and Its Remedies

When viruses or bacteria come into contact with the eyes, viral infection or bacterial eye infection may occur, causing inflammation to the eye. Bacteria and viruses are not [...]