Itchy Eye Allergy – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

A lot of people experience allergies be it one in a while, from time to time, or for the whole duration of the year. Allergies are caused by triggers or factors that come into contact with our body that the immune system thinks is armful to the body. These allergy-causing triggers or factors are called allergens, and allergens can be found almost everywhere, in the air we breathe, in the food we eat, in the liquids we drink, even in the house where we live in. When the immune system warns the body of such factors, allergies will act up, and one of the most common types of allergies in the eyes is the itchy eye allergy.

Symptoms of Allergies That Can Lead to Itchy Eyes

Itchiness of the eyes is a type of allergy in the eyes that can be caused by a lot of factors, and another type of allergy is one of those factors. Itchiness of the eyes can be caused by some other allergies like allergic rhinitis, and even eye allergies such as allergic conjunctivitis. Allergic conjunctivitis is also associated with red eye allergy, wherein the membranes that lines and covers the part of the eye which is white becomes irritated and becomes color red. When this happens, the eyes also become itchy, thus itchy eye allergy can also be associated to allergic conjunctivitis.

Allergic conjunctivitis symptoms include the reddening of the white part of the eyes, watering of the eyes that lead it to produce a discharge which may be yellow to yellowish-green in color, stinging and sore eyes, and a burning sensation especially felt when the eyes are exposed to bright lights. These symptoms of this type of allergies of the eyes are also commonly associated to the symptoms that come with flu or colds. The eyelids may become swollen, and looking at something which is brightly lighted is painful. Itchy eye allergy can have symptoms that are similar to these other types of eye allergies.

Causes of Eye Allergies that can Cause Itchiness

One of the main causes of eye allergies is viral infection as well as bacterial eye infection. When the eyes come into contact with a virus, viral pink eye may occur. This type of viral eye infection makes the eyes produce the yellow-green matter in color. One of the symptoms of viral eye infection as well as bacterial eye infection is the irritation of the eyes, making it very itchy. When the eyes are diagnosed with viral infection or bacterial eye infection, itchy eye allergy can also occur because of the symptoms that will appear when a person is experiencing this type of allergies in the eyes.

Itchy eye allergy can also be caused by seasonal allergies. Seasonal allergies are allergies that are caused by seasonal factors that trigger the allergic reaction in the body. These factors include temperature change that comes with seasonal changes, and pollen from mown grass lawns as well as ragweed pollen. The other type of allergy that is a year long kind of allergy is the perennial allergies, which can cause perennial allergic conjunctivitis. The allergens can be found usually at homes, which include pet hair and matter, feathers, dust and dust mites.

Allergic rhinitis can also cause a person to suffer itchy eye allergy. Allergic rhinitis can be due to seasonal allergies or it can also affect a person year round. Allergic rhinitis can be triggered through the same allergens that can cause seasonal allergies as well as perennial allergies. These allergens can be pollen from grass and ragweed, flowers, temperature changes, dust, dust mites, animal fur, animal bedding, animal urine, as well as feathers and mold.

How a Person is Diagnosed with Eye Allergies

With the wide collection of studies that involve the symptoms associated with eye allergies of doctors, physicians and allergists that encountered, a person who thinks she is suffering from itchy eye allergy can have it checked by her doctor. There are now a lot of ways on how to diagnose correctly what kind of allergy a person has, and what are the factors that may trigger the allergic reactions in the body. There is now a process called allergy testing, which a doctor can use to test and show if the allergies of the eyes of the person being tested is due to seasonal allergies or due to perennial allergens.

Treatment and Avoiding Eye Allergies

As with all types of allergies, a person who suffers from itchy eye allergies or any other type of eye allergies can avoid experiencing it again by following avoidance measures. Avoidance measures include avoiding the place where there are a lot of known allergens that may trigger the allergies of the person to act up. It is also known to a lot of people who experience this type of allergy that a bit of cold compress will surely give relief to those whose eyes are allergy-affected.

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