sulfa drug allergy

Learning About Sulfa Drugs’ History

Sulfonamide is the term used to refer to any of the drugs belonging to the group of synthetic antibiotics that contain sulfanilamide molecular structure. This [...]

A List Of Sulfa Drugs You Should Know About

Sulfa drugs, also known as antibacterial sulphonamides, are synthetic antimicrobial agents that contain sulphonamide substances. There are many examples of [...]

Understanding And Living With A Sulfa Drug Allergy

If you have a sulfa drug allergy, you are sensitive to a class of drugs known as sulfonamides. These drugs contain specific compounds that are related to [...]

Diovan and Sulfa Allergies

People who are prone to allergic reactions such as drug allergies and food allergies should know as much as they can about allergies. Allergic reactions might [...]

Sulfa Drug Allergies Fever Treatment

Drug allergies are one of the most dangerous kinds of allergy especially for medications which are directly introduced to the blood stream because they can [...]