Is Claritin An Antihistamine?

Allergies are one of the most common hindrances to living the life like a breeze. They result to a good amount of discomfort that can be paralyzing socially at times. Because of this, various options for antihistamines have been developed and made available for everyone. The question is Claritin an antihistamine is one of the many confusing ones that come with the large pool of antihistamine options.

Technically known as histamine antagonists, antihistamines are chemical substances used medically for dealing with allergies. These include a large number of medical drugs that can significantly bring positive results when used for combating varied level of allergic reactions to different kinds of stimulus.

A common attribute of antihistamines is the fact that they are taken for the purpose of counteracting on the actions of a specific chemical called histamine. This type of chemical is actually released by the human body, most specifically by the immune system.

Allergens are technically harmless substances in the environment. Examples include cotton, pollens and food items. An individual who is allergic to such substances can experience a variety of symptoms when exposed to them. The presence of the allergen can cause the immune system to react falsely, which involves the release of antibodies to fight off the threat. In the process, the chemical histamine is released by the mast cell, which is a blood cell.

When histamine is released, a good amount of irritation can be experienced within the body. This is varied in terms of the severity and can include watery eyes, runny nose, itching and skin rashes, possible airways constriction, vomiting and even diarrhea. This is the time when one can ask is Claritin an antihistamine and how effective it is.

To answer the question, Claritin is indeed an antihistamine. It is tested, clinically approved and has been proven to effectively eliminate the symptoms of allergies particularly sneezing, runny nose, itchy throat and watery and itchy eyes. It can also work on itchiness caused by hives, which might not necessarily be an allergy by nature.

The brand name Claritin is an antihistamine manufactured and distributed by Schering-Plough Healthcare Products Inc. There are other manufacturers who are distributing different generic versions of the drug. More so, a number of variations have also been released in the market such as the one combined with decongestant.

Just like other antihistamines, Claritin works by blocking the action of histamines. Although there are instances when nasal congestion comes around with the allergies, it is not directly caused by histamine, so Claritin cannot solely get rid of this symptom. This is where Claritin-D enters the picture as it contains pseudophedrine that deals with said congestion.

Anyone who has an allergy or two knows how debilitating this condition can be. It might not completely put one’s entire existence at risk, but one will definitely function better without it. Knowing the answer to the query is Claritin an antihistamine is the perfect start to solving the problem regarding cases of allergies. After all, no one wants to live a life full of itches.

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