How Is Zyrtec An Antihistamine?

It is not impossible for anyone to experience allergies at one point in their life. Allergies comes with different severity thus one should not be to lenient about it. What is now a simple symptom can turn to a life threatening one thus medical intervention is important as early as possible. Since the success of the pharmaceutical industries, lots of anti allergy drugs are formulated. Thus, one can get confused and might ask, is zyrtec an antihistamine?

Histamine is the chemical that causes allergic reactions when one is exposed to allergens. This is the culprit as physicians might say. This is the chemical released by the mast cells as soon as one’s immune system recognized the allergen. Histamines released by mast cell connects to a cell that has a histamine receptor in effect allergic reactions are felt.

There are various ways to get an allergy. This can be through inhalation, swallowing and direct contact of allergens. Allergens includes insect bites, house dust, pollens, molds, latex, animal danders, sea food and so on. Contact with such allergens triggers the cells to release histamine and the cycle continues.

One way to stop allergic reactions is through blocking of histamine from attaching to its receptors. It is important to remember that these drug are just symptomatic treatments and not the treatment of allergy. Allergic reaction are most commonly, sneezing, watery eyes, itchiness, feeling of hotness in ones body and so on. Antihistamines work to relief anyone from any of these symptoms.

Zyrtec does have that mechanism of action thus it is considered as an antihistamine. The generic name of Zyrtec is cetirizine hydrocholoride, which of course works in the same way. It blocks the histamine in connecting from its receptors thus preventing allergic reactions. This drug is considered as the newest anti allergic drug and is one of the fastest reliever of symptoms.

Most people who have tried this drug has proven its effectiveness. Some said symptoms subsided ten to twenty minutes after taking it. One dose of this drug provide twenty four hours relief of symptoms. Indeed, McNeil Consumer and Specialty pharmaceuticals manufacturer of Zyrtec has made a good job on this one.

Drug formulations for these drug includes tablets or chewable tablets, and syrup. One can purchase according to their own preferences. This used to have a prescription however, it was converted to an over the counter drug. Still one has to be careful taking the right dose especially in kids. Pregnant and nursing mothers are not recommended to take one.

Adverse reaction for this drug includes drowsiness, somnolence thus driving is not advisable after taking in this drug. Other common side effects include headache, pharyngitis, dry mouth and fatigue. These symptoms vary form person to person. Hypersensitivity of such drug is completely contraindicated.

Just like any other drug, this drug has its pros and cons. Considering this drug has been around for quite awhile, clearly benefits must outweigh its risks. Is zyrtec an antihistamine, it clearly is and a good one at that.

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