Antihistamines List That You Should Know About

This type of medication works by making sure that the histamine receptors situated in the brain are temporarily blocked. The drugs on the antihistamines list are used to treat a host of ailments including migraines, travel sickness and acute vertigo. The medication will more often than not make you feel sleepy and some of the over the counter sleeping tablets contain certain types of antihistamines.

The immune system utilizes the protein known as histamine to prevent the cells from infection. Our immune system protects the body from infection. When the immune system senses that a virus or a bacteria has invaded then it immediately releases histamine into the adjacent cells. The blood vessels that have been flooded with histamine then become swollen and inflamed. White blood cells ward off any infection and a mass of them make their way towards the infected area to prevent the infection from spreading further.

It is always good to be fully aware that drugs can have unwanted side effects and this includes over the counter medicine. There are two types of antihistamine, they are referred to as the first and second generation. The first generation of medication from the antihistamines list has a sedative quality yet the second generation from the antihistamines list does the same job but fails to sedate the patient. The first generation drugs tend to have more minor side effects than the second generation, this includes the dry mouth sensation, dry and uncomfortable eyes and they may well make you feel drowsier. The second generation are the most popular and the most widely prescribed.

These are some of the antihistamines that come from the first generation, Brompheniramine, Dimetapp, Antihistamine, Chlorphenamine, Chlor-Trimeton, Antihistamine, Dimenhydrinate, Dramamine, Antihistamine, Diphenhydramine, Doxylamine (Vicks NyQuil : Alka-Seltzer Plus Antihistamine-antihistamine brands) Clemastine, Tavist, Antihistamine, Astemizole, Hismanal, Antihistamine.

Below are some that come from the second generation antihistamines list, Loratidine, Cetirizine.

In general all of the above are then mixed with other drugs including decongestants and pain relievers to give some of the antihistamine brands that are on sale in the drug stores. When the drug companies produce the tablets they mix and match them making them combination medicines that will cater for all types of allergy.

Many allergy sufferers resort to buying over the counter brands of antihistamine drugs that will relieve the symptoms of hay fever and other common allergies. However some allergy sufferers do have to visit their physician in order to receive a prescribed drug from the antihistamines list to combat the uncomfortable symptoms.

Hydroxyzine or Hyzine is a form of antihistamine that can be injected into the body. The drug has sedative qualities and it has been found to work well with people who suffer from intense allergic itching. The drug does induce sleepiness so it is not wise to take part in anything that needs a lot of concentration. After being injected with Hyzine you should not drink any alcohol.

Cyproheptadine or Periactin is another prescription drug that is used to alleviate the symptoms of allergies. This drug is taken orally and it has been described as being particularly useful to those who suffer from skin allergies. Apart from the usual side effects this type of medication has been known to cause severe side effects which could include visual disturbances, difficulties in passing urine and anxiety.

Fexofenadine or Allegra comes in the form of a tablet. It is reputed to be good for the treatment of hives and hay fever. When you are prescribed Fexofenadine it is recommended that you refrain from drinking orange, grapefruit and apple juice. It appears that the drug interacts with these juices and can cause enhanced side effects.

Promethazine or Phenergan Antihistamine is an anti allergic medication that is prescribed as an over the counter medication in some countries. The drug is useful for those who suffer from travel sickness and it is one of the many from the antihistamines list that are used in brand named medicines.

Piriton (chlorphenamine) is used by many to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of hay fever. This type of over the counter anti allergic drug is meant for short term use. Should the symptoms linger on and become unbearable then the sufferer should contact their physician.

This type of drug comes in many forms, there are capsules, creams, nasal sprays, oral syrups, injections and drops. Medication on the antihistamines list must be approached with care, even if you are considering buying an over the counter remedy it may be wise to ask the advice of a nurse or doctor before starting on the course. If you are pregnant or feeding your baby it may not be advisable to take this type of medication. Young children under the age of twelve may not be able to take the drug either.

Natural antihistamine is very popular. Foods that are rich in vitamin C are considered to be good antihistamine supplements, eating foods that are filled with Omega-3 fatty acids are another natural way of fighting allergies. Herbalists swear by using herbs to treat the symptoms of allergies and they recommend chamomile, which is a good anti-inflammatory. Echinacea, which is a powerful decongestant and Basil which can help to block the histamine receptors within the brain. Knowing of a natural antihistamine can be helpful, natural healing is the gentle way.

Our immune system utilizes the protein known as histamine to ward off any infection that tries to invade our body. The moment the immune system senses that unwanted bacteria or germs have entered a rush of histamine is sent to the surrounding area. The infusion of histamine causes the area to swell up and inflammation takes place. In order to protect the infection from spreading a group of white blood cells rush to surround the troubled area and prevent the infection from taking hold and spreading further. Naturally histamine is a very useful protein but in the event of an infection it needs to be prevented from flowing.

It is possible to explore the antihistamines list on the internet. These drugs should only be taken for as long as they are needed and exactly as directed.

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