Allergic Reaction Facts And How Antihistamines Can Help

Histamine is a natural chemical found in the human body which effectively becomes agitated by certain external conditions caused during an allergic reaction. Sedating antihistamines make people sleepy and are usually not used when a person must continue to be functional at work, or for conducting daily routines. A non drowsy antihistamine approach is much preferred.

Symptoms of allergies vary from one person to another. Some people are allergic to different types of foods, while others may only suffer from airborne particles such as pollen. Some of these conditions can be remedied by changing dietary choices, while others may be more difficult to overcome. It is important to find a balance of food nutrients, and enjoyable food groups, which can offer all of the nutrition needed by the human body, but still avoid food items which are known to be causes of allergies.

Food allergies can be deadly. Some people have violent reactions to such food items and peanuts, and may go into anaphylactic shock. Their very life can depend on getting immediate medical attention. In some cases, they choose to add this information to their medical bracelets. When there is a reason to suspect that someone is reacting to an allergy, it might be a good idea to look for this type of jewelry, or other medical cards with that information printed on them.

The symptoms of food allergies include nausea, vomiting, and severe stomach cramps. A person may appear to have flu like symptoms, when in fact they are having a severe reaction to something they just ate. If the symptoms are intense enough the person should be taken to an emergency facility. Elderly people should be equipped with devices that are worn as jewelry but allows them to push a button to get immediate emergency assistance.

Airborne allergies can impair vision. Such irritants as pollen and mold spore can be severe enough to cause immediate swelling of the eye lids, and therefore restrict the vision of the person having the reaction. For those people who are this susceptible to air born microns, it could be a good idea to be prepared to have a second person with them to take over driving a vehicle.

External substances can cause other types of reactions. Itchy watering eyes and running nose are typical conditions with people who suffer from pollen and mildew or mold allergies. In some circumstances, wearing a pollen mask can assist these people with some relief by preventing most of the pollutants from being able to get into their systems.

Insect bites are another type of allergic reaction. These excite the H1 receptors and can cause severe itching and burning sensations at the bite area. More extreme cases can also be caustic and deteriorate the skin and muscle tissues, such as being bitten by various types of spiders. Wasp stings are another insect bite which causes sever swelling and intense burning, as well as Yellow Jackets.

Skin reactions may be due to allergies, in both humans and animals. Hives are most often thought of when people hear about allergies, but such plants as Poison Ivy and Poison Oak can also cause skin irritations. The oils from these plants are what causes the reaction, and the itching and burning can be extreme. If there are any of these plants growing on or around your house, it would be a good idea to hire someone to come remove them, permanently.

Allergies have been linked with other conditions. ADD, hyperactivity, and bipolar disorder, along with anxiety and depression may be rooted in an allergy to something as common and a type of spice used in food preparation. Allergies can be hereditary. If both parents have allergies there is a 70% chance that their children will inherit those same allergies.

Schizophrenia and learning disabilities may also be linked with allergies. Difficulty in completing tasks and staying focused are sometimes connected with histamine issues, and uncontrollable fits of anger along with obsessive compulsive disorders have been linked to the H3 receptor. Sometimes children are misdiagnosed with these conditions simply because no one thought to conduct an allergy test.

Potassium and salt may be connected with histamines. Orange juice is full of potassium which is needed by the body to supply muscles with the ingredients needed to rebuild. Salt is needed to help this process along, and even people who are on a salt free diet still need some of this to help potassium be correctly absorbed by the body. Some sports drinks have a combination of ingredients which include Vitamin C, potassium, and other compounds to help balance the electrolytes.

Vitamin C is considered a natural antihistamine. This vitamin is associated with helping to build and maintain a health respiratory system, but it is also a good natural means of helping fight back bad histamines. Mangosteen has micronutrients that combat histamines. Adding fruit juices to the diet that are high in Vitamin C can provide a little extra help in containing histamine levels.

Blue-green algae contains antihistamines. It may be surprising to think that a person could be allergic to shell fish, and at the same time the ocean could provide a plant life that helps in fighting back histamines. However, this algae has an abundance of antihistamines which help relieve human reactions to everyday contaminants. Natural antihistamines actually lower the amount of histamine in the blood.

It should be warned that cardiac patients should be cautious and discuss with their doctor before taking any over the counter medications. This includes decongestants, antihistamines, and other related products for colds, flu, or sinus infections. These different medications can cause issues with tachycardia patients especially. The ingredients will cause an increase in pulse rate, while the blood pressure drops.

Some medications, such as antibiotics, can cause the relief medications to not work properly. Adversely, they can also cause a lingering effect of certain drugs in the system. Tell the doctor or pharmacist of any medications that are currently being taken to ensure that this prescription is right for the needs of the body. The last thing the patient needs is another trip to the emergency room for counter reactions of medications in the system.

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